Established in 2001, ThalesRaytheonSystems is a transatlantic joint venture, leader and pioneer in the defense industry. As NATO’s long-standing trusted collaborator, ThalesRaytheonSystems harnesses the historical expertise of its two parent companies to deliver Europe’s first-ever networked C2 Integrated Air and Missile Defense System (IAMD): NATO’s Air Command and Control System (ACCS).

ThalesRaytheonSystems’ integrated ACCS allows for the identification of threats, task planning, the monitoring and support required in various theaters of operations – covering 10 million Km2 of NATO territorial spaces. Deployed in 17 installed locations, there are over 300 sensor connections.

Positioned as the architect of a collective defense system, ThalesRaytheonSystems offers optimum protection of airspace, detection of civil and military aircrafts, ballistic missiles and provides operations management capabilities. As a dedicated expert and with its network of industrial partners across 17 different countries, ThalesRaytheonSystems provides close assistance at every step of program execution and for long term in service support

Eighty percent of the company's employees are top-level engineers who benefit from decades of experience. ThalesRaytheonSystems is a forward-thinking, dynamic company that offers numerous career opportunities in France and internationally.  

As NATO’s partner in the success of collective defense, ThalesRaytheonSystems offers, today and for years to come, a new global approach to meeting the challenges of airspace security in the 21st century, leaving nothing to chance and enabling nations to ensure the protection of threatened areas and their citizens.